T-SIM V4.5 Reference

Image distortion using IGES polylines

New T-SIM feature enables image pre-distortion with a precise location of the image represented by its outlines. The image outlines must be represented by lines or polylines and saved as an IGES file. T-SIM reads the IGES file and project the lines and polylines onto deformed sheet. The projected lines/polylines can be pre-distorted just by selecting the first simulation record. Then IGES export generates an IGES file with the distorted/pre-distorted image outlines.

Steps to pre-distort IGES polylines

Open a solved project for post-processing and click on View / Image mode. Click on the icon with tool tip "Project IGES":

Windows File Open dialog appears. Select the IGES file for projection and click Open. The image outlines (polylines) are automatically projected.
Select the record 1 to see the pre-distorted image.
Export the pre-distorted polylines to IGES file - click on the icon with tool tip "Export IGES":

Windows Save File dialog appears. Specify a file name and click Save. IGES file will be created.
Remove IGES polylines - click on the icon with tool tip "Remove IGES polylines":

Polylines will be automatically removed.

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